Fall Protection

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Anchors & Beamers
Anchors & Beamers Beamer with 14"Clamp. This is threaded to allow quick and easy attachme..
Ex Tax: ₹14,034.00
Fall Protection Accessories
Fall Protection Premium Cross Arm Strap: 4'Strap Premium Cross Arm Straps are twice as durab..
Ex Tax: ₹2,124.00
Full Body Harnesses
Harness with Protective Coating Full-body safety harness features a polyester webbing with po..
Ex Tax: ₹15,591.00
Harness Accessories
Chest Harness for use with metal detectors If your arms get tired after metal detecting&..
Ex Tax: ₹1,317.00
Ladder Systems & Guard Rails
Ladder Safety System: 60' Lad-Saf System. This system provides complete safety and security ..
Ex Tax: ₹92,901.00
Lanyards  Shock absorbing Lanyard, Retractable Lanyard
Fall Protection Rebar Repositioning Lanyard: 1 Rebar Hook & 2 Snap Hooks Use  to pos..
Ex Tax: ₹5,619.00
Residential Construction Fall Protection
Roofer's Fall Protection Kit  Complete fall protection system in a bag for convenie..
Ex Tax: ₹25,800.00
Roof Kits & Ropes
Kit with Temper Reusable Anchor & 25'Lifeline These complete fall protection systems come..
Ex Tax: ₹11,055.00
Self-Retracting Lifelines
Self-Retracting Lifeline: 20' Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Limit free fall distances and fall a..
Ex Tax: ₹29,262.00