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AC Voltage Detector
AC Voltage Detectors: Measures 100-600 VAC, Incandescent Flashlight This is used when AC..
Ex Tax: ₹1,053.00
Air Sampling System & Detector Tubes
Carbon Monoxide Tube, 1-50ppm, 25ppm Insert tube in the pump and pull out the pump handle for..
Ex Tax: ₹4,206.00
Calibration Instruments
Safety rated Multimeters Measures the current at the range of 0-1A AC or DC with a resolution..
Ex Tax: ₹52,917.00
Electrical Outlet Tester
Electrical Outlet Tester Electrical Outlet Tester will indicate circuit condition for 3-wire ..
Ex Tax: ₹612.00
Gas Sensors
Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Leak Detector is the first of its kind to combine both det..
Ex Tax: ₹22,797.00
Lead Abatement Products
Instant Lead Testing Swabs, 8/Box Easy to use, disposable LeadCheck Swabs will work on a..
Ex Tax: ₹1,337.00
Mini Infrared Thermometer
Mini Infrared Thermometer Mini Infrared Thermometer features a unique 3point laser ..
Ex Tax: ₹6,660.00
Multigas Monitor Calibration Gases & Equipment
High Pressure Regulator : For 17L and 34L Steel Cylinders, 0.5L per Minute Flow Regulators pr..
Ex Tax: ₹9,750.00
Multigas Monitors & Accessories
Impact Multigas Monitor Accessories: body Harness Body Harness includes instrument clip, neck..
Ex Tax: ₹2,085.00
Noise Meters & Dosimeters
Data Logging Sound Meter : Measures 30-130dB Data Logging Sound Meter measures 30 to 130 dB m..
Ex Tax: ₹35,148.00
Protector Cases
Pelican Protector Case : 9.375"L X 7.25"W X 4.0625"D Pelican Protector Case keeps eveyrthing ..
Ex Tax: ₹3,573.00
Single Gas Monitors
Gas Alert Micro Clip Extreme Single Gas Monitor: Oxygen Detector This detector requires no ba..
Ex Tax: ₹16,971.00